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The 3 Highest Paying Welding Careers

The 3 Highest Paying Welding Careers

Did you know that a welder can equal or even outearn what the average doctor or lawyer makes? But this depends on what type of welder one is. If you are interested in building a career in any of these fields, it’s best that you read and fully understand what your future job entails.

Here are the top 3 highest paying welding careers in the world.

industrial pipe welder1. Industrial pipe welders

Industrial pipes are used in several industries including gas, chemical, water, and even power generation. These pipes must be prepared and installed properly to prevent future accidents while aiming to improve people’s lives. That said, industrial pipe welders have a huge responsibility in ensuring that their work should be top quality. Their main concern is precision, speed, and safety.

If you want to be one of the highly paid pipe welders, enroll in a school or take an apprenticeship program specializing in this field. The “real” money, however, comes when you prefer to work for big companies abroad. In other words, you must be willing to be a travelling industrial pipe welder who can make at least $50,000.

Target oil-exporting countries such as the Middle East. Also, consider growing industries such as green or energy companies.

underwater welder2. Underwater welders

If you love the ocean, you can turn this passion into a $200,000 / year career by being an underwater welder. It’s an exciting job for sure, to be able to take your work under the sea. You will be tasked to weld pipes in oil drilling stations, or to seal leakages in gas exploration projects.

But to be an underwater welder, understand that this does not come cheap. You must be willing to shell out at least $17,000 for tuition alone. But the good news is that if you gain enough expertise in five years or even less, not only will you break even, but you will also gain a lot of money. Plus, you will get to travel the world.

military support welder3. Military support welders

There’s a huge demand for army welders both in the United States and abroad. They are tasked to maintain military-related equipment, transportation, and gadgets used in combat. Though these welders are usually stationed at camps, their job can be a risky one. So to compensate, they are paid a lot. Army welders can be paid an annual salary of at least $160,000.

While other people are attracted to the money that they’ll make from these careers, some long for something exciting and interesting. If being an underwater welder is not exciting enough, you might want to try being a welder in outer space. You’ll be called on to weld broken parts of satellites or space stations.

Or if you’re interested in automobiles and fast cars, you can be a welder for motorsports. Being in this kind of job requires that you are a fast worker, and that you have great attention to details. If not, it is best that you consider other welding careers.


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