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Underwater Welding Schools in Florida

Underwater Welding Schools in Florida

Underwater Welding Schools in FloridaMore than 30 public colleges in Florida offer welding training programs, but none of them offer an underwater welding program. There are two private-owned learning insitutions, however, that would gladly welcome you to their program. These are Hydroweld and CDA Technical Insitute )formerly Commercial Driving Academy).

But while both companies are based in Florida, only CDA trains their students in the state. Hydroweld currently conducts its training in Pinthong, Thailand.


Hydroweld is known to many countries as a supplier of underwater welding equipment. It has its offices in Australia, South Africa, Sweden, South Korea, China, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. But in these countries with the exception of the UK, the company’s presence is focused on sales, and not to provide training.

That’s why Florida residents are lucky that Hydroweld has an office in the state for three purposes: sales, training, and services. Hydroweld is one of two companies / schools that offer a training program for students who want to be underwater welders. But as previously mentioned, the company is currently running its wet welder training courses overseas.

If you are still interested in attending the course, the tuition is $4,700, and the training will have a 10-day duration. The cost, though, does not cover other expenses such as accommodation and traveling costs.

CDA Technical Institute

CDA Technical Institute’s Underwater Welding Course is recognized by both the American Welding Society (AWS) and the Canadian Standard Assoc. (CSA). This course is a comprehensive program which aims to equip students with superior Manual Metal Arc welding skills.

In the entire training duration, students will learn the following topics.

  • Underwater welding practices and procedures
  • MMA welding underwater techniques
  • Terminology
  • Welding operations
  • Welding quality control
  • Safety practices

After completion of the course, students will be given certificates of completion for the following:

  • Entry Level AWS Welder
  • Topside Welding for Commercial Divers
  • Underwater Welding

What are the requirements for admission at CDA?

Transportation Worker Identification CredentialFirst, although part of your training at CDA will involve physical training, you must be fit to handle the physical requirements of the job. Second, you must have at least a high school diploma or have at least passed the GED exam. Third, it’s also a must that you know how to swim. If not, you might want to take classes first before enrolling in the academy. Fourth, you have to have a TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) card. Last, there is an entrance interview that you need to pass to qualify for admission.

Aside from their Underwater Welding Course, CDA Technical Institute also offers the following programs:

  • Air / Mixed Gas Commercial Diver Course
  • Dive Medical Technician
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Hyperbaric Technician
  • Sport Diving Instructor
  • Maritime Welding

CDA Technical Institute is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Its training centers are along the St. Johns River, which is just a few distance away from the Atlantic Ocean. CDA is accredited by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training).



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