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Welding Schools in Houston

Welding Schools in Houston

welding schools in HoustonThere are welding training programs in colleges and schools all over the country. Welding programs are necessarily diverse, since there are many different types of welding and different settings in which welders can work. If you live in Houston and wish to become a welder, you have several options for where to go to school, depending on what kind of welding you want to do. Houston Community College, San Jacinto Community College, and Lee College are the closest schools to the downtown Houston area.

Houston Community College

Houston Community College is located 2.2 miles from downtown Houston, so it is most convenient to students who live in the city and want to use public transportation. This school offers an Advanced Welding Certificate and a Basic Welding Helper Certificate. Students undergo placement testing to be admitted to either of these programs. The programs have varied class schedules and cover subjects such as blueprint reading, welding fundamentals, industrial mathematics, different welding methods, and preparation for certification tests.

Tuition for the welding programs at Houston Community College is about $3,600 for out-of-state students, $3,200 for in-state students, and $1,600 for in-district students.

San Jacinto Community College

This community college is located 24 miles from downtown Houston. It offers an Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology, a Combination Welder Certificate of Technology, a Structural Welder Certificate of Technology, an Occupational Certificate in Welding – Art Welding, and an Occupational Certificate in Welding Stick Pipe. Its degree offerings are the most diverse out of the three welding schools in the Houston area.

At San Jacinto, students learn pipe welding, welding to create art, shielded metal arc welding, and other topics. Students pay a tuition of about $2,900 if they are out-of-state, $1,700 if they are in-state, and $1,100 if they are in-district.

Lee College

Lee College is 27 miles from downtown Houston. It offers an Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology, a Certificate of Completion in Welding Inspection, and a Certificate of Completion in Welding Technology. This college has courses that include welding metallurgy, technical algebra, and more. In addition, there are five welding laboratories on campus that provide students with convenient places to practice.

Tuition for in-state students is $2,200. Out-of-state students pay $3,500, and in-district students pay $1,500.

What other welding schools are located near Houston?

welding schools in Houston - Lone Star College SystemAll three of the above Houston-area colleges teach necessary safety information and prepare students to take welding certification tests. They would all be good choices for prospective welders living in and near Houston. There are also other programs in the area that offer welding training. The Lone Star College System (33 miles from downtown Houston) has several options for certificates and welding associate degree programs. In addition, the College of the Mainland (35 miles from downtown Houston) offers similar certificate programs.

When you are researching schools, make sure they help prepare you for your certification tests and have well-rounded coursework. Becoming a welder requires good preparation to avoid the dangers of this career.

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