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Welding Schools in NJ

Welding Schools in NJ

welding schools in NJThere are good training programs for welders in hundreds of community colleges and other schools all over the country. If you live in New Jersey and you want to become a welder, you have many options in your own state for programs that will teach you different types of welding methods, make sure that you become a safe and efficient welder, and prepare you to take the required certification exams. New Jersey has dozens of schools and other educational centers for welders.

Atlantic County Vocational School

Atlantic County Vocational School (Mays Landing, NJ) offers a Welding Technology program. This program teaches basic techniques of oxyacetylene, arc welding, welding aluminum, and more. There is a basic course and an intermediate course, as well as an apprenticeship program. Students have the opportunity to earn an ACIT Technician Certificate, which signifies mastery of the material.

Both the basic and intermediate courses at Atlantic County Vocational School are 12 weeks long, and both have a materials fee of $100 in addition to regular tuition.

Camden County Technical School

Camden County Technical School (Pennsauken, NJ) also has a Welding Technology program. Students receive individualized instruction and develop their own projects, which they can finish at their own speeds. The classes that students take in this program are:

  • Oxyfuel gas cutting
  • Shielded metal ARC welding
  • Gas tungsten ARC welding
  • Plasma ARC cutting
  • Print drawing/reading
  • Shop maintenance

Cape May County Vo-Tech

Cape May County Vo-Tech (Cape, NJ)’s Welding Technology program is offered at a high school level, so it is a good option for younger students. It also has a general Welding program for adult students, as well as a Welding – Basic Electrical Arc program and a Welding – Basic Oxygen/Acetylene program for adults.

What other welding schools are there in NJ?

Other welding schools in New Jersey include:

  • Hohokus School of Trade and Technical Sciences (Paterson, NJ)
  • Mercer County Vocational Tech School (Trenton, NJ)
  • Passaic Co. Technical Institute (Wayne, NJ)
  • welding schools in NJ - Sussex County Technical School (Sparta, NJ)Sussex County Technical School (Sparta, NJ)
  • Warren County Vocational Technical (Washington, NJ)

There are many more schools in NJ besides those listed. Schools are located in towns and cities that include Bayonne, Paramus, Westhampton, Sicklerville, Bridgeton, Newark, Jersey City, Rockaway, Elizabeth, and more. Chances are, if you are a prospective welder living in New Jersey, you won’t have to go far to find a welding school that is right for you.

All of the schools in NJ offer welding at different levels and teach different courses. Take a look at each school’s course listings to see if it may be a good match. If you already graduated from an entry-level welding course, you wouldn’t want to go to Divers Academy International, which only offers entry-level training. In addition, there are different types of welding, and there may be no need to learn them all – specializing in one type of welding can make you a better expert in your field. New Jersey is a great state for prospective welders who want lots of educational options.


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