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Where Can I Get Welding Training?

Where Can I Get Welding Training?

welding on bridgesWelding is used in many different industries around the world. Welders work in manufacturing plants, on bridges, at construction sites, and underwater on the bottoms of ships. Welding requires manual dexterity, problem-solving skills, math skills, and quick reflexes. It poses various physical dangers and therefore requires plenty of safety training and equipment.

If you are thinking about becoming a welder, you will need to attend and graduate an accredited training program. In addition, you will need to pass whatever certification exams are required by the state in which you want to work.

Where can I get welding training?

Many community colleges, technical schools, vocational colleges across the US offer welding training, as welding is a popular and essential career. It should not be difficult to find a program near you that meets your needs and is accredited. In fact, the American Welding Society has a welding school locator on their website – simply type in the city or state you want to go to school in and you will get a list of the closest welding schools.

If you want additional welding practice beyond your school program, consider consulting with a local welding union or shop about whether you can become an apprentice. As an apprentice, you would work under the supervision of a master welder who would give you personalized training. Depending on your state, you may be able to complete your training entirely under a master welder, as long as you still pass your certification exams. However, most states do require formal schooling.

Here are some options for good welding schools:

  • WTTI Allentown, PAWelder Training and Testing Institute (Allentown, PA) offers Welding Fitter, Combination Welding, Practical Shop Welding, and General Shop Welding programs. It trains students in gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and flux cored arc welding, and offers classes at different levels as well as specialized training.
  • CDA Technical Institute’s Maritime Welding Program (Jacksonville, FL) is geared towards prospective underwater welders. This school is a commercial diving academy that teaches welding symbols, arc welding, shiplifting, underwater welding, and more.
  • Cal-Trade Welding School of Modesto (Modesto, CA) offers open-entry classes that allow students to progress at their own pace. Students are given one-on-one instruction at different welding stations and also learn mathematics, how to read measuring tapes (standard and metric), welding symbols, blueprint reading, and welding theory. Students can also get help earning their GEDs if needed.
  • IWA Houston, TXIndustrial Welding Academy (Houston, TX) offers theory and safety classroom instruction, with the rest of the program being hands-on learning in a welding lab. The school measures each student’s level of competency and places students in corresponding classes, emphasizing a personal approach. Students can learn FCAW, GMAW, GMAW-TIG, SMAW-PIPE, and SMAW-PLATE welding.

Again, welding training programs are common and can be found in every state in the nation. Just make sure that your program offers classes in the type of welding that you would like to learn. Training to become a welder can be difficult, but it leads to a valuable career.


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