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How Much is an Underwater Welder’s Welding Salary?

How Much is an Underwater Welder’s Welding Salary?

welding salaryThe demand for highly skilled underwater welders has never been greater. As industries such as gas, oil, and energy rise up to the challenge of finding new sources to fuel the world’s needs, many construction projects and exploration ventures are set up in different parts of the world. These projects need the best of the best to get them done, so if you’re thinking of a career that fills your passion for adventure, not to mention getting paid much for what you love to do, you might be interested in becoming an underwater welder.

How much will you make if you become a sought-after underwater welder?

The annual salary of underwater welders vary depending on several factors.

One of which is the country that you’d like to be based in. For instance, if you’d like to work in the United States, you’re most likely get an average salary that starts from $30,000 up to more than $90,000. This rate also varies from one state to another. In Washington, for instance, you’ll get an average rate of at least $80,000 a year.

However, if you work as a travelling underwater welder, say, you snag a contract in the Middle East, you’ll get an annual salary of anywhere between $100,000 up to $200,000. Aside from that, generous companies are willing to provide free accommodation and some allowance. Plus, you’ll get to travel the world, mingle with another culture, and have an awesome experience.

This is certainly an attractive package, but you must know that it also takes a lot of money to get an underwater welding certification. To get into an accredited welding school, you’ll need to fulfill their requirements, which is at least a high school diploma and a payment of at least $14,000 for tuition and other fees.

Though there are some scholarships and grants available for you, snatching one will prove to be quite challenging. For one, there will be lots of you who will compete against each other; and you need to provide necessary documents.

Aside from that, you will also have to invest in some time acquiring other basic skills that your future job requires. In the United States, underwater welding is a job classified under commercial diving. So that means you need to acquire welding and diving skills either separately or following a school’s curriculum.

After your training, you will have to get into an apprenticeship program that would help you learn more and hone your skills. During this time, you may struggle physically and mentally as you need to prove your worth. Otherwise, you will not pass the certification course.

welding salary - certified underwater welderOverall, you’ll need at least three to four years to get fully certified as an underwater welder. You will spend weeks and weeks of training in a facility or school, and then spend two years completing your apprenticeship program.

But after all the hard work and the long wait, you will soon start to see the rewards and become one of the top welders.


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