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Underwater Welding Schools in New Jersey – Where to Start Your Career

Underwater Welding Schools in New Jersey – Where to Start Your Career

underwater welding schools in New JerseyThere is only one underwater welding school in New Jersey, and that is Divers Academy International. The school is located in the city of Erial, and it’s duly accredited by the ACDE (Assoc. of Commercial Diving Educators).

Founded in 1977, Divers Academy International prides itself in producing the best graduates in the country. These highly skilled commercial divers and underwater welders eventually find themselves in oil industries here and abroad.

Why might Divers Academy International be the school for you?

First, the school is sponsored by Lincoln Electric, considered as the world’s largest manufacturer of welding products and equipment. As a result of this sponsorship, students use state-of-the-art welding technology such as a virtual trainer called the Lincoln VRTEX 360. With this equipment, training is not only engaging and fun, but most importantly, safe.

In addition to training with the Lincoln VRTEX 360, students will experience real-life training through the school’s 32-acre open water dive quarry. As if that’s not impressive enough, students are also given real-world underwater welding projects and classes to better prepare them for the future. All these projects are handled by instructors that come from different fields such as the military and the manufacturing industry.

Third, with Divers Academy International’s all-in tuition policy, you don’t have to shell out any more money to receive all certifications promised to you. Their Underwater Welding Training program lasts for 20 weeks, so after this period, you can immediately apply for regular employment.

The following is a list of courses in the school’s welding program.

  • Mixed Gas Diving
  • Saturations
  • Underwater Cutting and Welding
  • Decompression and Treatment Tables
  • Communications
  • Dive Tending
  • Rigging
  • Underwater Projects
  • Dive Boat Seamanship
  • Inspections and Report Writing

Aside from that, you will also learn other related, yet equally important lessons which include:

  • Offshore Oil Operations
  • Inland Diving Operations
  • Salvage
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Pipe Penetration
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Safety Standards
  • Medical Aspects of Diving
  • Diving Physics and Physiology

As you can see, no program is as comprehensive as this.

What are the admission requirements at Divers Academy International?

First, you need to have a high school diploma or at least passed a GED exam. Second, you have to be proficient in English, both written and oral. You also need to be mechanically adept, know how to swim very well, and be physically fit.

Tuition for Divers Academy International’s underwater welding program is around $26,000. This covers everything including tuition and fees, room and board, and other expenses. If this is expensive for you, know that the school offers financial aid and grants. 83% of Divers Academy International’s students receive any of the following federal or local grants and aids.

  • Pell Grant
  • Stafford Loan Program
  • Loan to Parents
  • Gap Funding Loans
  • Veterans Education Assistance

If you are considering other underwater welding schools outside New Jersey, here are some of the well-known alternatives.

  • Commercial Diving Academy, FL
  • underwater welding schools in New Jersey - Divers Institute of Tech, WADivers Institute of Tech, WA
  • International Diving Institute, SC
  • Louisiana Technial Coll., LA
  • National Polytech Coll. of Oceaneering, CA
  • Santa Barbara City Coll., CA

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