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Underwater Welding Schools in Texas

Underwater Welding Schools in Texas

Underwater Welding Schools in TexasThere are at least fifty 2-year colleges in Texas offering Welding Technology programs. Some of the most popular choices include San Jacinto Community College, Midland College, and LeTourneau University. However, if you would like to take an underwater welding training course, you can’t find a Texas college that offers such program.

While others prefer to get their training from other states such as Florida and California, it’s still possible to become an underwater welder in Texas. And that is through The Ocean Corporation, a private-owned diving school located in Houston. Started in 1969, The Ocean Corporation is now one of the most sought-after private learning institutions as far as nondestructive testing, diver training, and underwater welding programs are concerned.

Why take your training at Ocean Corporation?

First, the campus is fully equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities that will surely impress you. Your training ground is almost the same as what you will be exposed in when you work as an actual underwater welder.

Second, according to Ocean Corporation’s website, their graduates are employed in different exciting industries in the world. Some of them are dispatched in the Gulf of Mexico while others are employed in the following industries around the world: nuclear plants, hydroelectric, ship harbors, water facilities, aquariums, and oil rigs.

Third, they pride themselves in offering an “ultimate” diver training experience. They have a comprehensive curriculum that gives students lots of hands-on experience and technical knowledge that will definitely prepare them for the challenges in the industry.

Last, you can be a certified commercial diver (underwater welder) in just a period of 8 months.

How can you apply in Ocean Corporation’s underwater welding training program?

The company’s official website lists a very convenient way of application. First, you need to order your free copy of their catalog that comes with a DVD. Go through the catalog and then fill out two pages, pages 31 and 32. You need to pay an application fee of $100 which can be paid through check, credit card, or money order. Then, mail pages 31 and 32 together with the application fee if you’re paying through check or money order to the school’s address. Wait for the confirmation package.

What types of assistance can Ocean Corporation provide?

The first one is financial aid. This is done through Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. The school encourages everyone who is in need of financial assistance to head over to the Department of Education’s website to facilitate the application process.

As for housing, Ocean Corporation has partnered with Extended Stay Hotels for students who wish to experience a dorm-type of living. If you want further assistance, their Student Services office can give you a list of apartment complexes and other housing options that you can check out.

The Ocean CorporationLast but not the least, Ocean Corporation provides graduates with a job placement assistance service. The company invites potential employers and arrange for a meet-up with graduating students. Also, through this service, the company helps students how to properly write a resume, what to wear during an interview, and to prepare for their job in general.


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