The complete guide to welding schools

Welding Schools by State

Welding Schools in Utah

Welding Schools in Utah The following schools are nine of the most popular welding schools in Utah. 1. Bridgerland Applied Tech. College According to statistics, it’s easy to get accepted at Bridgerland. It has a 100% admission rate, so as long as you have the necessary documents, your chances of getting enrolled in this school’s […]

Welding Schools in Michigan

Welding Schools in Michigan There are over 120 welding schools listed in the American Welding Society’s database. These schools are categorized according to these types: high school, SENSE, career and technology center, or 2-year associate’s degree schools. According to the same database, there are 32 schools career and technology centers offering welding programs in Michigan. […]

Welding Schools in Georgia

Welding Schools in Georgia Georgia has around 200 colleges where you can get a post-secondary degree. But of these schools, only 27 of them offer Welding Technology programs, which are either an associate’s degree, or a certificate that you can earn in 1 year or several months. Below is a list of these colleges. Albany […]

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