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Why Is The Lincoln Welding School So Popular?

Why Is The Lincoln Welding School So Popular?

Lincoln welding schoolLincoln Electric Weld School has been the go-to school for those wanting to build a rewarding career in welding. Since 1917, the school has been producing high quality graduates who are dispersed in at least 14 industries in the United States and abroad. Some of these industries include general fabrication, offshore, pipelines, nuclear energy, thermal energy, and ship building. To date, the school has given more than 100,000 people the quality training they deserve. The Lincoln Electric Welding School is owned by welding manufacturer giant, Lincoln Electric.

Why do students prefer to have their welding training at Lincoln?

First, Lincoln knows welding. As a company that has been manufacturing welding products for over 100 years, it’s safe to say that the school trains their students based on first-hand experience. And as an industry leader, the company is able to provide students with up-to-date information about the industry.

Second, Lincoln has their manufacturing plant right on site. Therefore, it’s easy to supply all the needed consumables such as the following.

  • MIG wires
  • TIG cut lengths
  • metal-cored wires
  • flux-cored wires
  • submerged arc
  • stainless alloys
  • nickel alloys
  • aluminum products (TIG and MIG)

Third, instructors are not only associated with the company for a significant number of years, but they are more than experienced enough to handle classes. Most of them have been with the company for more than 20 years and with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

If you go to Lincoln Electric Welding School, the instructors have a no-nonsense approach in teaching. They will not waste a single minute to teach you the ins and outs of training. On the first day, you’ll have a high-level discussion on welding fundamentals such as AC and DC pulse, waveform, and purging techniques. In the succeeding days, you’ll start building your first tubing samples and will be working on weld coupons. At the end of the class, these coupons will be tested to ensure they comply with standards.

Fourth, students attend classes that balance theoretical and classroom training. A good welder needs to have a solid theoretical background in metallurgy, electrode selection, and machine set-up so he can do his job more effectively. Lincoln provides all the materials needed for students to fully grasp these concepts.

Next, a class is not cramped. Unlike in a typical classroom of other schools and community colleges, Lincoln has only around 10 or 11 students per class. The student to teacher ratio is small, so the instructor can attend to each of the student’s needs to ensure quality education. In addition to that, each of the students is equipped with a welding booth that contains all the necessary materials and equipment he can use for practice.

Lincoln welding school - VRTEX, a virtual-reality training equipmentLast, Lincoln Electric Welding School uses state-of-the-art welding equipment developed and manufactured by the company. One of these training equipment is the Lincoln Invertec V205-T, which allows students to hone their arc (stick and TIG) welding skills. Another is the VRTEX, a virtual-reality training equipment.


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